About us

Shanghai Kingline Logistics is a logistics company providing a range of global integrated logistics services, including air/sea freight liner service, chartering & broker, integrated terminal handling/warehousing service, integrated project logistics service, multimodal logistics service and integrated supply chain management service.

Kingline Logistics was established in 2003 and was qualified as a Class A logistics company by the Commerce Department (of the Chinese government).

In addition to traditional freight forwarding business, we specialize in seamless door-to-door logistics service, especially in the field of heavy equipment transportation for the shipbuilding,  petroleum and energy and ocean engineering industries.

Following the philosophy of “Technology and service create value” and with our rich experience in the logistics field, Kingline guarantees “Quality, Efficient, Convenient, Considerate” services to each of our clients.


We treat the risk management at the first priority on the supply chain especially during the whole procedure of logistics. And we have good back-up & remediation measures to prevent our clients with any unexpected happenings to cause damages.


    We advance the risk control management at the very beginning even the products have yet to be made.
    We design feasible logistics solution for clients’ reference in the concern of cost-saving and risk control matters and could give suggestions for the manufacturers in the production phase of the key points regarding the safe transportation.


    We take good care of the shipment on the whole logistics procedure after the cargo left its factory or warehouse.
    We send experienced logistic engineers and professional surveyors to supervise the operational process of the cargo movement by truck, by trailer, by ship and by air. For heavy units, we pay special attention on the lashing & stowage issues etc. And we have several know-how of operating the heavy units like windmill, platform etc.